Wheeeewww chile. Where do I begin…when I received my friend’s invite along with the instructions I was like Lawd, what type of party is this? Bae Bay, can you say on and popping from start to finish, beginning to end, Alpha and Omega…or whatever pastor says during his sermon. LMBO! It was detailed, informative, engaging, creative, empowering, well-executed, loads of fun, and not to mention professional. #EPIC This experience brought out things in me that I didn’t know that I even possessed…in a positive way. Oh yeah, NO church lady shoes, please. Leave those for 1st Sunday. I won’t spill all da tea, but I will say that I left with an immense amount of confidence/Black Girl Magic than I stepped in with. Ain’t no party like a HHAARRRLLLEEEYY party cause those other girl’s parties ain’t lit. Book today!!! I PROMISE you won’t have any regrets and it will be a night that you will remember 4-EVA!