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Thank you for attending Harley’s School of Romance recently-we hope you were happy with your event. We’d love to know how you found the party/class experience at Harley’s School of Romance, so we would like to invite you to leave us a review. It will only take a few secs and will be invaluable to us!

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School of Romance Team

This class has been very informative. I learned a lot of different tricks to keep my man happy!

Danielle D.

I enjoyed the class. I think you should have cheat sheets that once in a while I can go back for a refresher. I really enjoyed this wonderful time we spent together. Thanks a Million!

Bridget p.

Very mature, full of energy, rejuvenating, worth it!

Cynthia o.

I really enjoyed everything. I do hope to see you sometime in the near future for another class. I can’t wait to use the techniques taught in this class. I first have to get someone to try them on, LOL. When I do find the right person I’ll be sure to use them. And come back to a class for more. You are awesome!


Wheeeewww chile. Where do I begin…when I received my friend’s invite along with the instructions I was like Lawd, what type of party is this? Bae Bay, can you say on and popping from start to finish, beginning to end, Alpha and Omega…or whatever pastor says during his sermon. LMBO! It was detailed, informative, engaging, creative, empowering, well-executed, loads of fun, and not to mention professional. #EPIC This experience brought out things in me that I didn’t know that I even possessed…in a positive way. Oh yeah, NO church lady shoes, please. Leave those for 1st Sunday. I won’t spill all da tea, but I will say that I left with an immense amount of confidence/Black Girl Magic than I stepped in with. Ain’t no party like a HHAARRRLLLEEEYY party cause those other girl’s parties ain’t lit. Book today!!! I PROMISE you won’t have any regrets and it will be a night that you will remember 4-EVA!


Better than I expected. Dope advice for us married folks. Did great!!


I enjoyed the class. It was very interesting. The twerking (LOL) was very informative. I will recommend this class to friends.

Karla B.

I really enjoyed your class. I definitely can use something from every segment from each class. You are awesome and I’m so happy that you chose to do this line of work. Don’t let anyone shine on your parade.

Keisha A.

Amazing as usual! Everything was the bomb! not only did I learn how to be sexy, I learned how to properly give a BJ. Thanks for bringing sexy to Tuskegee, AL.

Pat W.

This class was awesome! I learned a lot. My favorite part was the oral love lesson.


Really enjoyed the class. Excellent speaker who is invested in teaching us more than just being sexy. You have added more value to my life. I felt like you were specifically talking to me. God Bless You!


Great class! Loved the hands-on interaction of the instructor Harley. Her personality is the best part of this class.


Wonderful. Not what I expected, but very fun!

Carrie h.

I really enjoyed myself. I came in expecting one thing but came out with something much better.

Monica j.

My overall experience was excellent! Very nicely presented and professional. Your speeches/lecture was my favorite part. I enjoyed the uplifting, encouraging message.


Great presentation, good food, drink, nice venue, convenient time, fun upbeat class, great price.

Tasha D.

I loved your confidence! I’m already confident, however, I slip sometimes so you inspired me to step my game up!


I really enjoyed myself. I got a new outlook on different tips on being a woman. Also how to be more seductive. I enjoyed the walking and eye contact. The twerking and booty clap, too. Going home to practice!

Latrelle M.