3 Fall Romantic Gestures To Try Today!!


Post Your Love
Write messages on sticky notes telling him why you love him so much. Arrange them into a heart shape on a mirror or wall for him to find.


Play at Dinner
How fun are the kids dinner place mats at restaurants:mrgreen:. Well create your own with a naughty word search, tic tac toe, connect the dots, and other fun puzzles with a romantic twist. Be creative. Play at your next dinner date. Don’t forget your crayons!


Love Nest Under the Stars
The Fall weather is perfect for this outdoors love nest made of cozy blankets and pillows on the back of a truck bed.  No truck try a blow up mattress.  Grab some snacks, wine, books, and games.  Cuddle up and enjoy each other.

What are your favorite romantic gestures?

Black Panty Hose!!!!


School of Seduction is designed to assist women in reviving their sexy esteem. We have a pretty strict dress code, based on the class. Our Sexy Rehab classes have begun and will run through Fall. So the dress code requires each lady to wear fishnets or a variation of this sexy hosiery. I have heard many women say they can’t attend class because of this (fishnets).

Let’s take a look at Fishnets! It is apparent that fishnets have a bad reputation, which surprises me in 2015, considering I have found fishnets in Walgreens. They are now in most stores during the cool season. Which is a new thing, they used to be rare to find.  Harley loves fishnets, it is the best way to be covered up yet still sexy. Plus, men love them, and it’s the new black. Ladies we have to let go of the stereo types that are suffocating our sexy.

In SOS classes it is a space to allow you to be woman, be free of others opinions, and to learn how to be unapologetic about your sexy self. Fishnets are lingerie, that can be looked at as Classy or Trashy. Some forget the classy, and focus on the trashy. But we can look at a lot of things as being trashy or slutty– red lip stick, thongs, stilettos, you get it. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

So be you and it’s ok to push passed your sexy comfort zone. You never know, you may like it or your Man may love it too.

The Beauty Ritual


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Beauty rituals are daily, bi-weekly, and monthly routines essential to you and your relationship.  Sexy self confidence is gained from pampering yourself.  When you feel good about yourself, you feel better with your mate. Your beauty is what attracted him and will continuously seduce him. You are his sexy billboard and all the eye candy he needs. Always remember that men are visual.  It’s your looks and style that attracts him before you even opened your mouth. Now that you are in a committed relationship it is so easy to fall into the “I got a man” comfort zone, but you have to continue what you advertised to get him.  Although life has become challenging with kids, work, and making intimate time for your mate, you still have to establish a routine of beauty so that you don’t lose yourself along the way.  In today’s world there are so many things begging for your man’s attention.  It’s your job to keep all his attention and focus on you.  So, drop the excuses and mark your calendar with days to pamper yourself.  Please note: Harley does not believe you should look “Hollywood” ready everyday. Date night requires special effort. You should never step out with your man looking busted and broke down. My mama always told me, “if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”  You are a representation of your man.

What are your beauty rituals?  How do you find time in your schedule to make it happen?

Sexy Summer Camp


We are doing Summer right at School of Seduction.  We are a month into our Sexy Dance Camp and the ladies are learning how to shake things up a bit while having fun.  We will continue the fun this month with more sexy dance, plus other classes to assist our ladies in enhancing their sexy and confidence.  We look forward to seeing you in class:)

Party Class: Black Lingerie Theme

lingpostSchool of Seduction party classes are a great way to celebrate a Bachelorette’s last night.  These parties are naughty and infused with tips and tricks to take home to her new hubby.

This weekend we are excited to help a bachelorette celebrate with a black lingerie themed party class. Lingerie is such a great dress code for your party attendants.  It gives guest the freedom to be sensual, sexy, and glamorous.

Here is an inspiration board of a few looks  we loved on Pinterest.  Plus, a few tips to make each lady feel sexy and comfortable.

  • Pick lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.  Take your bestie with you for good feedback.
  • Be creative in putting your outfit together.  Be your own fantasy.
  • Don’t forget to glamourize with jewelry, sexy heels, and other accessories.
  • Don’t forget to wear boy shorts, thongs, pasties, or bras to cover the areas other party guest do not care to see:)
  • Shower, moisturize, and add a sprinkle of smell good.
  • Throw a sexy dress or jacket on over your outfit.  And head out.
  • Oh, don’t forget your open-mindedness and fun attitude.

See you at the party class! What will you wear?

Smooches, Harley