Sexy Halloween Face Inspo

Photo cred: Pinterest
Sexy Photo cred: Pinterest

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to play out your fantasies for you lover and the world.  To get all dressed up for a good time, gives you a surge of sexy energy.  This year Halloween falls on the weekend.  Have you planned your wickedly seductive romantic event?  A costume, sexy heels, and some naughty trick to tease and please.  Make him look forward to Halloween like a little kid wanting candy.  Need a few tricks and treats to make his Fall season sweeter?  Join our Halloween Party Class, November 1 @ 6pm in Columbus, GA.

With only a week left to get ready for your weekend with him, or a night out with friends.  You may need a few quick ideas to get the ball rolling.  Here are some pretty sexy costume ideas.

1. 1950’s House Wife (We know how I love the house

2.  Sexy Clown

3.  Miss Kitty (Meow!)

4.  Bad Teacher

5.  Black Widow Spider

6.  Mother Nature

Tell us your sexy Halloween costume ideas.  What will you do fun?