Packing For a Romantic Sleepover


Do you love a romantic sleepover as much as I do?  There is something naughty about throwing panties and a toothbrush into an overnight bag.  Romantic sleep overs are not limited to the singles.  Married couples can–and should–definitely have romantic sleepovers.  When you are married its called a getaway.  Even if it is visiting the family for the holidays, you can still turn this into a romantic moment. I make it a rule keep a bag in my car packed, because you never know when a romantic moment may lead to an overnight stay;)  This bag is called my “Naughty” bag.

I call it the “Naughty” bag, because it is filled with everything needed to make any night or day adventurous or romantic.  The contents of this bag should have the ability to keep him guessing, which is the key element in seduction.  You are only as romantic, as your last romantic gesture!  Here’s what lives in my bag ready for a road trip, lunch time fun, or just a night without the kids.

♥Lip gloss-lips must always be supple and kissable at all times.
♥Mints-Keep it fresh!  Also, a great treat during oral pleasure.
Condoms-Because a Sex Kitten knows that safety comes first.
♥Thongs-Sexy under any outfit. Oh and keep disposables on hand in Case of Emergency.
♥Heels-4 inches or more make you look larger than life, giving you long legs and a nice butt.
♥T-shirt & scissors-Be prepared to make an outfit at a moments notice.
♥Baby wipes- Easy before/after sex clean up and makeup remover.
♥Candles/Incense & matches-Always set the mood.  We all look great by the glow of candlelight.
♥Baby oil/lotion-After shower, give your skin life with a little shine!
Sex toys/Lube-Threesome is now an option.  Maybe you need a little time for self discovery.  Or just play.
♥Cuffs, Ribbon-No matter how you tie it, it’s always more fun without hands!
♥Blindfold/scarf-Remove the sight to heighten the senses.  Add some Aphrodisiacs…enough said.
♥Lingerie-Every woman needs pretty things, nothing makes you feel more feminine.
♥Wigs-Give him a new girl, every now and then.  The ultimate love affair is with you.
♥Romantic music-Make a list for cuddle time, lovemaking, travel, etc.  Memories for a lifetime.
♥Camera-Capture the moment. Before, After, During.  His private collection.
♥Paper and Pen-Leave him sweet and sexy notes.  Send a postcard/love letter to him from your time together.
♥Perfume-Entice him with your lovely scent. Don’t over spray.  Add a little to that love letter.
♥Makeup/Nail polish-Just in case a touch up is needed! Beauty is apart of sexy.
1001 Ways to Be Romantic,J. P. Godek-Need a little planning something quick…hundreds of ideas.
♥Champagne or Cocktails-Serve up sexy drinks, sit back, and relax.  Drink Responsibly!
♥Massage oil-Take away the stress with a little rub down a la nude.
♥Bubble Bath/Sea Sponge-Bathe together as a way to cleanse and connect.  Make this a ritual.
♥Personal toiletries- A sexy is always prepared!  Never know where adventure will lead.

Don’t forget an outfit and shoes to go home.  What do you put in your Naughty bag?

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