10 ways to Share Chocolate with a Lover.


Chocolate is surely a couple’s best friend.  With health benefits and mood enhancing qualities it is the perfect seducer.    Here is my list on how to share with creamy aphrodisiac with your lover.

  1. Have a private painting session with chocolate.  Make your own chocolate body paint or buy the Kama Sutra product.  Lick your masterpiece.
  2. Add toppings.  Use whipped cream and chocolate sauce as an added treat during oral play.
  3. Chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect appetizer for any romantic evening.  Make yours here.
  4. Gentlemen, leave her wanting more with a chocolate replica of your penis.  The Clone-A-Willy kit will assist you with this kinky craft.
  5. Do the chocolate body slide.  Put on your favorite tunes, grab some warm chocolate pudding, and make your kitchen your new playground.
  6. Chocolate Popsicle seduction.  Tease him with a tempting  preview of what’s to come once you finish your Popsicle.  What we will call cold play (oral pleasure).
  7. Trail of kisses.  Love sensual notes as the flags in your Hershey Kisses.
  8. It’s drizzling.  Fill 2 squirt bottles with chocolate sauce.  Use your imagination to come up with sex games, using the chocolate as a sweet punishment for losing.
  9. Wash the stress away together in a tub of chocolate milk. Bliss.   Here is the recipe.
  10. A la nude tie on your aprons and make this chocolate dessert–Sex In a Pan— to start your evening on a sweet note.

Now grab an old sheet or a shower curtain–chocolate will stain–and let the fun begin.  Click links to obtain the recipes mentioned.  Please remember it is not safe to use chocolate or any food items near the genital openings.  Infection and irritation can occur.

Tell us about your naughty adventures with chocolate.  What are your favorite chocolate sex games?

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