Mrs. Sinnamon Boudoir

Introducing Mrs. Sinnamon. . .

A Love Note from Sinnamon:
What a wonderful experience I had with Harley and the other ladies of the Sexy Wife Refresher course !!!  I’m a military wife separated from my husband while he’s on deployment.  Packing and moving every few months left me feeling like just a worker bee and not anything someone would be interested in.  I wanted to take a class that would help me get my sexy back !!!  The classes not only helped me to embrace who I am (flaws and all) but gave me tips on how I could make my husband feel special too when he returns.   The decision to participate in the Boudoir Shoot was the icing on the cake.  I’ll be able to look back on my pictures and recall all the lessons I learned. Thank you for helping me to get back to my old self !!!
Sinnamon (aka Alexia)

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Sinnamon Boudoir

  1. Wow! This is very nice…sexy yet classy. I participated in a sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot recently as a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband! I really enjoyed the experience, and really appreciate it that my Pole Fitness instructor set this up for us. I even got to do some pole work shots in my sexy lingere, and my husband loved every bit of it!!! I’m just not sure if I would have the nerve to go completely nude…but I am very impressed with Mrs. Sinnamon’s Boudoir…


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