10 Reasons to learn to Booty Shake

1. To get out of your next speeding ticket.

2. To get a recession proof job at Magic City.

3. To seduce your boss for that promotion coming up.

4. To make dancing on the table at this year’s holiday party, a lot more interesting.

5. To  teach grandma how to back that thang up for grandpa using her walker.

6. So you can keep up with your little niece at the next family reunion!

7.  So the military wife can be her hubbies private video ho-via Skype.

8. So the next time you are at Big City Club you can earn a few extra dollar, dropping it like its hot.

9. To pay fall semester’s  college tuition.

10. To get your husband to throw the mortgage money on you, instead of at the local strip club.

Thanks Layla Rock and Nana Rock for your 2 cents on this post!

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