Behind Closed Doors With Belinda

A Note from Belinda:

I have always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot, more for my husband than myself.  However, once we moved to Columbus and I began to pack on the pounds, the idea of boudoir photos became a thought of the past. Last year I started my journey to “finding Belinda again”.  As my journey to self-discovery began, I started shedding the weight and feeling more confident in my own skin again. During this time my husband was deployed overseas.  He asked that I send some sexy pictures of myself, so I started entertaining the thought of boudoir photos once again.  Fortunately, during this time I met Angel who was already in the process of setting up boudoir photo session for Valentine’s Day!  I was more than eager to participate.  As the day fast approached I realized I was taking the photos for myself, but they would be a surprise Valentine’s Day Gift to my husband.  When I first arrived at the Gates House Bed and Breakfast I was extremely nervous.  However, Angel, Marlene and Ola made me feel very, very comfortable and at ease.  As Ola began to apply my makeup I started to reminisce and share with her how much my husband means to me and how much I truly, truly love him. He has shown me with very little words, but a whole lot of action what “true unconditional love” really is.  Once Ola finished my makeup, it was time for action and I was truly ready. I was ready to display all the love and affection I have for my husband through the lens of Marlene Hawthorne Thomas.

The picture I feel best demonstrates this love is the picture of me with my husband’s favorite guitar.  Marlene only had to suggest that I hold the guitar as though it was my husband and the feelings came very naturally.  When I presented my husband’s Valentine’s Day Gift to him, he was truly surprised.  I could tell he appreciated them more than I ever could have expected or dreamed he would.  My husband definitely understood the boudoir photos represented more than just photos, or my love for him, it was a big step to me getting back to being Belinda. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my experience with other women.  I hope that it will encourage women, no matter their size to be confident and do what makes them happy.  Sometimes as wives, mothers etc we forget about ourselves. When I look back on that day I stepped into the Gates House Bed and Breakfast, I smile.  That day represented so much more than just a photo session to me.  It represented a love displayed (for my husband) and a love rekindled (for myself). I thank Angel, Marlene and Ola for helping bring my Alter Ego to photo, but more importantly I thank God for sending my husband to share this journey called life with me.  I am truly, truly grateful!       ❤Belinda

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