Product of the Week: Chocolate Kisses


I am so not a chocolate girl, even though I hear it is a girl’s best friend!  Every now and then I get in the mood for something sweet and naughty!  My poison of choice is Hershey Kisses, I have a hard time resisting this little piece of goodness dress very vintage Hollywood in shiny, sliver wrapper, and a dainty little scarf baring her name!  Glamour at its finest!  So girly, so me!  I see how it could become your best friend!  I have found several uses for this decadent drop of love in silver!

10 things to use Chocolate kisses!

  1. Take a bag or 2 of Kisses, sprinkle them on the floor and leave your honey a note saying, ”  I Kiss the ground you walk on!
  2. Melt a few Kisses in a glass bowl in the microwave for a couple minutes, grab some paint brushes or use your hands to paint hearts all over your sweetie!  Then enjoy the clean up process, use your tongue!
  3. Make his tummy happy with a tasty treat, KISSed Pretzel S’mores, a great weekend snack.
  4. Play a little game of Hide n Go Seek… If you hide it he Will Seek!  😉
  5. Share chocolate kisses, let a Kiss melt on your tongue, then share the love, one kiss at a time!
  6. Write a love note, fill the letter with the Kiss flags, and mail!  Air Kisses!  “Signed, Sealed, Delivered!”
  7. Order her a personalized Kiss, with a sexy message, from you!
  8. Make Chocolate chip pancakes together–chocolate chips are only mini Kisses!
  9. Challenge her to a naughty game of Strip poker!  Play for Kisses!  Make your own House rules!
  10. Leave Kisses in random places for him to find!  A little remind of you!
Enjoy, Share, Love!  Smooches!

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