Behind Closed Doors with Harley


It seems like this day had been living in my head forever!  I searched and searched for the perfect person to capture me on film.  After almost 10 years, I am grateful to team up with the talented Marlene Hawthrone Thomas!  Believe it or not I was extremely nervous about my big day in front of the lens.  Once I met Marlene and had a complete make over by the lovely, Miss Ola, all my fears washed away!  I was truly able to practice what I preach each day!  Here are the results!
This bed is so beautiful, it truly made me feel luxurious!

I love how the light made this room look elegant and bright!
Sexy is truly a state of mind!  I would do it again, I have so much respect for who I am, and these images truly made me feel confident with my body!


Mua!  Thanks Marlene my wonderful Photographer!  Thanks to Miss Ola, our most fabulous makeup artist!   To the Gate’s House Bed & Breakfast,  there is no venue that carries romance in such a lavish way!  Thank you for having us!

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