The Lap of Love

What a week!  February host to one of the sweetest days on the calendar–Valentine’s Day!   Only 6 days into this month, and I have experienced such a variety of this thing called, “LOVE.” From friendships to partnership to the business of Love!

Four of my February days was spent in Columbus, GA spending time with women who are quickly becoming the highlight of my week and my friends.  It is amazing to be able to sit and share a meal with smart, beautiful women who are willing to share their homes and stories with me!  They exude a type of love that is supportive, non-judgmental, and grateful.  What more can a girl want… laughter, tears, and friends!

Day 5 of my February, I was able to witness wives and wives-to-be in a selfless act of love!  My company–Sultry Soiree–hosted a Boudoir photo shoot for the first time!  Myself and a few other woman put our nerves aside and allowed our Sexy to be captured on film.  In the very moments of the photographers clicks, I was able to visualize and feel the love of my Jonathan flow through me.  It was my hopes that, my love for him would show in my eyes each time he takes a look at them .  I was able to see that same love and selflessness as it poured from the other women’s smiles  I could only image the element of surprise to come when their lovers finds this gift of sensuality, made especially for him!  The surprise of Love. . . nothing beats it!

I am love’s biggest fan, and with all of life’s glam (and not so glam) lessons in love I have not yet given up!  Especially, when you have the pleasure to meet one of Cupid’s students.  I have only known her a couple weeks and she has become a true inspiration.  She is walking life’s tight rope, being wife, mother, daughter, and student–neither being easier than the other.  But when she began to talk about her husband I could feel her love for him, every time she spoke his name.  It was such a pleasure to meet someone with positive things to say about men and love.  I could only hope for the same type of love and affection in a marriage.  As I watched her–at the photo shoot–unleash her sexiness and love for the camera, I only hoped she would remember this moment for a life time.  Her shoot was followed by a romantic evening with her husband–who is home from his military deployment–filled with more of loves rituals.   She inspires me to continue providing women services to help bring the sexiness back into their lives. I now, strive to love my Man with the heart of a 16 year old girl!  Thank you!

On day 6, I returned home to my love, still high off of the week of love shown in the lovely City of Columbus. To learn that love is truly compromise and communication! In my mind, I thought it would be an evening of love and lust, but in his mind a sense of reality!  It was truly a moment, in our relationship, where I was faced with– acting like a spoiled little girl or to be a woman, and consider his side of things.  Once his words began to flow, his calm, caring nature had the ability to make me realize that he loves me, no matter what, and he is willing to hear my side of the thing. That is when passion and lust begins to flow with Love!


  1. Anonymous

    >I understand all that you have expressed and I am very familiar w/ it. I HAD a very special lady in my life that I felt was the one, you know, made me feel all warm inside EVERY time I set eyes on her(for reasons other than the fact that she's extremely beautiful).She's also unconventional and nontraditional and it has been made painfully clear that I'm not what see wants in a man. The idea of love left when she explained that she could no longer deal w/ me(not in those exact words).My insecurities and inability to understand the person she was and whom she has grown to be has run its course, the buck has stopped, the fat lady has sung and the curb has been kicked(lol…just a little humor).Anyway, she attends your sessions and surely I can not expose her even though there's not much more damage that can be done. I was compelled to write something when I read your bio and how much you love love. That brother you claim doesn't know how good he has it, to have someone love on him and be able feel it because you make it plan. Not having to guess at it can be nothing but pure bliss. Just wanted to comment. Keep up the good work.


  2. Harley

    >Thanks! I am a girl too! Some days are hard and others are easy, I just have faith that he will continue you to love me (at least try his best) each day. I am sadden that it did not work out for you! The right Lady will come along and enrich your life beyond belief! Best wishes!


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