Product of the Week: Disposable G-Strings

There is a cute little “stripper” store in Columbus, Ga, called Night Moves, that I have been frequenting since the summer, to purchase items to teach my Alter Ego classes!  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the oddest thing–a 3 pack of On the Go- Disposable G-Strings.  HHHMMM!  I stand there thinking, “why would I need throw away thongs?”  So, I put them down and continued on my way!  So it was Monday again, and I was making my weekly stop– in what is now known as my favorite store– to pick up fishnets.  There they were staring me in the face again the Disposable Thongs, I picked them up and continued to shop!  I mean they are made of the hospital gown material, what purpose do they serve me?  After buying them, and a little thought and help from my girlfriend we came up with this list.

These G-Strings came in handy at my Boudoir photo shoot!


  1. Perfect for him to rip off in the heat of Passion!
  2. Keep a pair in your purse, when trying on lingerie/swimwear.
  3. Just in case mother nature, rears her ugly head ruining the cute ones!
  4. After a long night, had to run, and left the lace ones in his the sheets!
  5. Tie 2 together and make a bikini top, and you will have an impromptu thong swim suit.
  6. If you want to practice your Dominatrix skills tie his hands together and put a pair in his mouth!
  7. Maybe, I can put a vending machine filled with these thongs, in the Escort Service headquarters.
  8. Breathable, wear them when working out to keep yeast infections away!
  9. Use them as a mini sex towel, to clean up after a quickie.
  10. Make your own flu kit, use the thong as a face mask.
  11. Run out of coffee filters?  This thong will help get the Folgers in your cup!


  1. Chai Town

    >So … I run a spray tan business. Tonight I'm spending some time looking for new products & I type into Google: "Disposable G Strings". (For the modest ladies who won't tan in the buff!) I have yet to find a wholesaler for the thongs I am looking for, but I DID find your blog. I didn't find what I was looking for – but I think it still classifies as a "win". Ha. Good stuff here. 🙂


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