Relationship: Complicated

Call me old fashioned, but why in the world would you advertise your relationship as “complicated” on the world wide web.  Here’s the my thing. . . Are you using Facebook to find someone new or to vent?  I mean, I wouldn’t try to be the replacement, because it sounds like you have enough issues.  By the way does the other half of the relationship realize it is “complicated”?  And, if it so “complicated” why do you keep pictures of them on your page?  Why not erase the pics, so the world doesn’t have an image of your complicated half in their faces everyday.  Who at Facebook thought it was appropriate or cool to make “complicated” an option?
I know that relationships can be trying sometimes or not worth the time being invested in them.  So why not just get off of Facebook, and focus on finding out what it takes to fix the complications.   At what point do you stop wasting your time and theirs, and let it go?    Maybe it goes a long with the trend of the world loving drama and negativity!  Tells me a lot about a person!  If my relationship was complicated or even semi-complicated, I’m not going to blast it on the internet.  My mama always said,”keep your business in house.”  Really, once I have posted this poor image of us, do I even respect that person anymore?  If I think we can work on it, why not just leave a positive representation, or not put post the relationship status at all?  Things that make you say, “HHHHMMMM!”


  1. lakiesha

    >Harley really said something then… I have always thought that is was so STUPID of someone to have "COMPLICATED" as their relationship status… I mean really life is too short to deal with MAJOR complications in a relationship.. IDK maybe its me but it must be MAJOR for u to blast it on FB. In my eyes that is the sign of someone that is in a worthless relationship.


  2. Anonymous

    >Wow you were right on the money with this one Harley! I do agree it is so silly to advertise your business online to the world because if it's out there it's out there and who needs to know all that! The focus should in fact be on the relationship instead of on the advertisement! Redirect your energy people!


  3. Anonymous

    >Harley you said a mouthful, why post your business on the web for all your haters to see. Women we need to learn to KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS. Because your haters are just waiting for a weak moment to swoop in on your man. So if it's complicated but you still want to keep your man, shut your mouth and work on your relationship. Or if it's complicated and you say the hell with him, delete every picture of him off your page of him and be SINGLE.


  4. Anonymous

    >Harley, I agree with you and the other Anonymous responder. Men and women need to keep quiet when it comes to their relationship. Someone is always waiting to say, he/she doesn't appreciate a good man or woman when they only know the half and not the whole. Vultures are always on the ready to pick the bones of what they perceive as a dead relationship.


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