Romancing over the Distance

Romance is something that I have dreamed of and studied since I was a teenager, but it became more interesting when it stretched over miles states even countries.  I learned that, in order to build a solid foundation over a distance it takes much more trust, commitment, patience and creativity.  The world of technology has truly been the saving grace for modern long distance relationships, helping keep communication and sexiness alive.   LDR can be rough, but we have to do all we can, to make it work as smooth as possible.  I have put together a list of coping mechanisms that have helped me and some of my favorite people.

  • Technology has added a twist to the old school way of phone conversation, now you can use Skype to have late night convos with your honey and if you are super techie see him with a web cam.  Go on Virtual Dates!
  • Nothing says I love you more than an old-fashion snail mail letter,  hand written and S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss).  Don’t forget to spritz it with your favorite scent.
  • Surprise him with a care package of his favorite goodies (candy, movie, homemade snacks), make a CD of your favorite tunes, a  blank journal, or a disposable camera to send back to you.
  • Pick a book to read or see the same movie, giving you something to look forward to discussing together when you call.
  • Because the time you spend together is limited and precious, reserve it for each other only. . . the rest of the world can wait.  Have fun and enjoy every moment!
  • Remember, it is that small things that count, send small gifts with Big meaning ( cheesy gift shop trinkets or stuffed animals),  also keep a box with inexpensive greeting cards to send just because to say, “I Love You.”
  • Have a friend or a pro take sexy pics of you, then put together a “For Your Eyes Only” album.  He will always have a little something to look at when you are away! 
  • Call every Morning to say “Good Morning ” and every night to say “Good Night”!  Don’t begin or end a day without communicating.  Communication, Communication, Communication, by any means necessary!
  • Keep it sexy with Sexting (naughty text messages), a lingerie show or striptease via webcam, or aural sex (phone sex)–Share erotic poems or stories–play Truth or Dare, use your webcam or digital camera.  Be Creative!
  • Got an Envelope?  Send rose petals, a recipe, the page from a erotic novel, crossword puzzle, a thong, or a joke!
What are your secrets to keeping your Long Distance Relationship healthy? 
“Absence makes thy heart grow fonder.”



    >with my love one being in iraq…we communicate by emails and sexy pics…:)…and the late night phone calls…he's 8 hrs ahead of me….so i try not to answer with a groggy sleepy voice at 2 or 3am in the morning….its working out…can't wait to see him thought….and use my alter ego tricks on him….thanks harley….details coming soon…miss jazzy diva


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