13 Creative Dates

Oh, how I yearn for a great date whether it is the 1st or 161st.   I have learned to maximize the dating experience, because it is one of the most important processes when seeking a partner and working to keep them.  There are only a few rules I apply… (1) No movies the first 2 months–how can you talk to me in a movie?  (2) Show creativity . . .  a little personality goes a long way.  (3) Be considerate, call (don’t text) if you are going to be late or a No Show.  Once we have gotten past those things the fun begins.  I have put together a list of creative dates to add to your repertoire: 

Creative dates:
  1. Rent a boat and go sailing,  don’t forget the wine, cheese, and fruit.
  2. Learn to drive like a pro at NASCAR driving school, have junk food and beer afterwards.
  3. Go hiking along a serene trail, bring along water, trail mix, and granola bars.
  4. Take a cooking class at your local cooking school or grocery store.
  5. Spend the day using your creative side at a pottery play house, take along a bottle of wine.
  6. Google local fondue restaurants and enjoy cooking your meal at the table.
  7. Learn through music… take the evening and share music, while cooking dinner together.
  8. Random act of kindness–volunteer at a local shelter–share the love.
  9. Pitch a tent in the backyard, roast marshmallows, and kiss under the stars.
  10. Spend a Saturday afternoon cruising local villages and flea markets, stop for a hot dog or two.
  11. Escape to the country for horseback riding, at a local watering hole
  12. Watch a blockbuster, under the stars at the drive-in movies, popcorn and Goobers anyone?
  13.  Share your love song in a duet at a karaoke bar,  after a couple martinis of course.

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