The Stripper and her Shoes.

There is something erotic about a new pair of 6″ heels. . .  I have always been a girly girl, but never the girl with the shoe fetish!  Until I began my journey in what are considered the “stripper heels”.  Like most new entertainers I started out with the basic pair of clear heels and then graduated into black strappy lace ups, then chic ankle boots, constantly upgrading to a sexier model each month.   I was naive and unaware of the importance of these glamourous shoes.   So I studied the girls around me, to more understand the fetish!  From thigh high boots to red stilettos no matter the girl, each strutted by with an air of confidence and grace.  Their legs looked longer, their calves bulged and those who were not blessed with a great ass went from zero to bootylicious in seconds!  After a few months I had spent more time in these shoes than I had in my own bed. . . and that’s when vicious love affair began.   

With names like Tony, Ellie, and Pleasers they were gorgeous and sleek, dressed in leather sometimes rhinestones that glistened under light like diamonds.  Oh, how I love to accessory the girls with boy shorts and a nice pair of Victoria Secret thigh highs, or sometimes just a thong with ribbon ties!  What I didn’t tell you is that me and my shoes, love a good menage a trois, sometimes in the club and a lot of the times not!   We treat our men like royalty, we give him a slow sultry show allowing the honor of gazing at our presence.  And for that rare man, we’d lurer him in with every click of our heels, cook him dinner (in only our apron of course), and then love him until the sun crosses the sky.  I must say. . . over the past 6 years my shoes and I have become the best of friends, business partners and lovers!  We are each others biggest fan, and I will never betray my six inches!

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